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My Resume Isn’t Getting Interviews...
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In these tough economic times, your resume will be scrutinized more closely than ever. If it doesn’t deliver a clear message of value and effectively convey your qualifications, talents, and expertise, you will be unsuccessful in gaining access to prospective employers and recruiters.

Resumes For Success! works with job seekers from all walks of life. Our clientele comes to us from a broad range of industries and job functions, ranging from new college graduates to Fortune 500 executives.

Unlike many other firms, we speak directly with you to discuss your career background and craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that showcases your skills and expertise and presents you as a catalyst in driving companies’ successes.

Our approach to resume and cover letter writing is highly innovative and unlike any other you’ll find when comparing our services to other firms. Rather than relying on mundane job descriptions, we introduce a stronger “value focused” element to the documents that details the nature of your career progression, the specific challenges you faced in each role, and the tangible results you produced.

We effectively address problem areas such as time line gaps, short-term employment, dotcom failures, and abrupt career changes. We breathe life into dull, uninteresting, run-of-the-mill resumes and create powerful marketing tools that focus on your talents and expertise.

What Resumes For Success! Doesn’t Do...

We don’t inflate your achievements or create a fictional account of your career history. We don’t use fluffy adjectives or language that conflicts with your particular communication style. We don’t invent things to make you sound better. And perhaps most important of all, we don’t take a passive, tail-between-your-legs attitude when it comes to marketing you to prospective employers and recruiters.

Our formula for success is rooted in a sound, common-sense approach that incorporates a facts-and-figures element to substantiating your achievements and presenting you as a critical partner in bolstering a company’s profitability, growth, and long-term success.

Do You Have Experience Writing for My Industry?

Our client base spans all functional and industry lines:

Executive Management, Administration, Human Resources
Finance & Accounting, Investment Banking, Auditing, Analysis
Healthcare, Hospitality & Restaurant Service, Legal Services
Secretarial & Administrative, Teaching & Education
Counseling, Human Services, Trades & Technical
Professional & Management, Retail Sales
New Graduates, Entry-Level

How Do You Measure Your Success?

By reputation. Having served job seekers across the globe since 1993, the vast majority of our clients come to us by referral. That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of our work, and above anything else, our expertise in crafting career marketing presentations that have an immediate impact on our clients’ job searches.

How Do I Get Started?

Since the services we offer are highly consultative, you should first e-mail your old resume to us for review. This will give us the opportunity to get a sense of your career history and begin framing up a strategy for development of the new resume.

Then, take a few minutes to review the services we offer, which are broken down into easy-to-understand packages. Once you have decided to bring us onboard, getting the process started is very simple!

The Bottom Line

Think of the resume as your first interview. Your prospective employer won’t be able to see your face, hear the confidence in your voice, or judge your body language, so your resume must speak on your behalf and convey a strong message of value.

Your chances of getting a second, more in-depth review of the resume and, ultimately, a face-to-face interview are solely dependent on the impression your resume makes in this important first phase.

Our expertise lies in developing highly effective resumes and cover letters that get interviews.

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